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Hey Guys and Gals!

2009-01-18 16:52:33 by Zexblar

Well I dont really post here much but whatever. Welcome to my userpage :) I am not much of an animator but I do like watching, reviewing and even playing flash movies. I briefly did some flash back in highschool so i am not very good.. But I do appreciate the time, effort, and focus it takes to make a good flash movie. I have discovered Newgrounds around 2001 or so (probably earlier) but i really didnt make an account until recently. I guess having an account is good because i can actually review on submissions and even vote and its sorta like a game where i can get an online reputation and levels bla bla bla..... If only i had more friends on NG than i can get more competitive. I did just submit my first flash movie here .. I know it sucks but whatever. It was a school project and I used one flash here on newgrounds called 'Bad Inventions' as inspiration (and help) but the movie was mostly all me. So please dont get mad if it looks similar. Anyways maybe one day I might get back to flash animating again and create something good. Well I have been writing a lot and i bet your tired of reading or gave up lol. Sorry for the grammer and such but its my style lol K NG Stay fresh