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Thank you for making this!

Even though this flash is pretty simplistic on technical terms, it is a great parody. Personally I never seen twilight but i do find that it is pretty dumb. I bet the movie would have had more sucess if it was true to the vampire mythos. I will for sure send this to my friends who are obsessed with twilight, who knows they might get a chuckle out of this..

make another one of these!


Wow this is funny. I totally agree with all the references and glad you paid homage to some of the things we see in the portal. Nice work with everything maybe next time you can focus on specific artists!

Keep it up!


I really liked this flash! Its almost like The Killing Joke in flash form. Good job with everything! The joker laughing was no "Mark Hamill" but it is still okay. I did notice that you changed a few of the lines in the story and the joker you drew was almost like Batman: The Animated Series joker and not the one in the comics. I really like Batman and I am glad you decided to do some pretty cool flash animations movies :) Alright keep up the awesome work! Nextime Two-face or Riddler ?? mmm lol

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Hard, challenging yet fun.

This game on its own is very difficult. I got tired of dieing and had to quit. I am not sure how close I was to the end but i already wasted a lot of time on this. It is addicting though! The medals are impossible so good luck if you want them. Maybe next time show how close the player is to the end so they just dont give up.

EPIC Plain and simple!

Wow that was amazing! I enjoyed fighting the giant enemy crab! I liked how you were on this dolphin that can shoot lazers from his eyes and stuff it was pretty cool and hilarious. The crab had unique attacks that were very interesting. I had a fun time playing this game and thank you for making it. I beat it on easy lol It ran smoothly and i chuckled a bit. I never had a boss battle as epic as this!!!!

I am not very good at flash but I appreciate the time and effort that goes into each and every project. I am a proud Portuguese Canadian and glad to be here on Newgrounds

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